2020 Deer success. Colorado and Kentucky


Here are my bucks I got this year. The first is my 3rd season Colorado buck. The story behind the Colorado mule there is. I was running a little late to get in the area. Opening day and this was the second buck I saw. I looked at it casually through the binoculars for a second and took some pictures of it through the binoculars and decided to continue hunting. My buddy and I proceeded to put on over a hundred miles on the side by side glassing doing little hikes and checking areas. we're at one of those spots watching it out get a drink of water when we looked at the pictures we had taken earlier that morning. I looked at my buddy and said I think we made a mistake. So we immediately went back to the spot where we had spotted this buck. We got back quite a way so we could spot the whole mountainside and after about 40 minutes of glassing my buddy said he thought he had seen him laying a hundred yards off the road under a cedar tree. Sure enough that was him. We drove up to where we were 100 yards from him and you could not see him. He knew exactly where he was and how no one could see him. We had a few other people stop and talk to my buddy on the road. in the back of my mind I was thinking this is going to be fun. Lol after the people drove off the buck got nervous enough he stood up. That was all I needed. Now the Kentucky Buck I had sat in a tree stand for 5 days. You know they say for whitetail the biggest bucks get killed between noon and 2:00 pm. This box stood up at 1:50 and came down to Mark his spot. As much as I've cussed 2020. It's been a pretty great year. Had a baby and got two great bucks.












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A couple of bruisers for sure. Congrats!

Glad you were able to find that CO buck again. You'd be kicking yourself if you hadn't!


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Had you guys been drinking the night before.?? Hangover had to pass before you realized what a brute that muley was.?? LOL, I'm glad y'all went back.! Congrats on some stud bucks.!

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