2020 Frank Church Wolf


Just got out from 10 days DIY in Frank Church wilderness. Hiked 111 miles.
Rugged and humbling.
But Amazing. We had great hunt.
Super proud of my Amazing hunting partner.
My wife. She was able to harvest Grey Wolf.
We saw bear sign, lion tracks, decent amount of elk and mule deer.
Great epic trip.



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That's fantastic!!!!
Also, having backpacked over 100 miles in 10 days myself, I can attest that it's the real deal and that part of the adventure is a fine trophy too.


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That's way Cool. My wife & I would backpack here in Colorado for 4 or 5 days-----fishing the high country for cutthroat in the streams.


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Good deal. Congrats to both of you. And you must have lost a bunch of weight with 111 miles. Can't eat enough to maintain weight at that rate.


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Seeing that pack in the back ground she is sure enough a tough get it done hunter.
Congrats on a nice wolf.

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