2020 is a wrap!!!


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Ended my 2020 social distancing turkey season with a great bird this morning. Also accomplished a goal I set to take a limit of birds this year with 3 different methods and gear, started off with a good bird called in and harvested with the mathews vertix..šŸ¦ƒ

Next was a great bird called in with some run and gun tactics and the trusty old 870 pump..šŸ¦ƒ

And finally after a few close calls and some pesky Jake's I had a great bird come in on a string this morning and put on a show for me at 4 paces from the front of the blind, finally he turned and the crossbow went off ending 2020 season in style, 10 inch beard and an inch and 1/4 spurs.. šŸ¦ƒ


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Nice JR! I like the "3 methods" idea....gonna steal that for next year.
I finished up too. My oldest daughter so far has the longest spurs in the family with her 2nd bird taken (he got a bit when tumbled into H2O), my youngest has the heaviest (~23lb), and longest beard (11") so far. Looks like one more bird for immediate family, and a couple more for friends to go during archery ;)




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