2020 Mule Deer Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

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Let's see some 2020 BIG BUCK Antlers!

Anyone else been out looking for deer antlers? Finding anything big? Let's see those pics! "As They Lay" photos are always the funnest to see, but we'd all love to see any photos of big buck antlers you're finding in 2020.

I've got both Elk and Mule Deer contests going, each having it's own prize. Only one prize per contest, and that prize is the Badlands HDX pack in Approach Camo from our friends at Bad Ass Outdoor Gear.

Thanks to Bad Ass Outdoor Gear for donating the prizes for the contests and PLEASE everyone, when you're in the market to upgrade your gear, please shop Bad Ass Outdoor Gear and give them a chance to earn your business for good. They've got a large selection of hunting gear for you to look through.

Feel free to share 3 or 4 of your best photos, but if you end up with more great shots than that, feel free to share more. Post them in separate posts however.
I'll let member "LIKES" of photos help guide me to picking a winner in early June. So, "LIKE" the photos that you think are the best and help to pick a winner when the time comes.

Here's the prize that's up for grabs.
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My 11 year old asked if I would take him out on hike since he was tired of sitting home doing school work. And, he needed to do exercise for his PE class. So I took him shed hunting so we both got what we wanted, lol.

As we hiked along the trail, he stayed on the trail and my son Fisher and I hiked all around. While hiking, Gage tells to me, "dad, is this what you're looking for?"

Lol, yes it was! He did a solid 8 miles, blisters and all! 1st shed hunt for him turned out to be fantastic!






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Solid whitey. Found the set 3/4 mile apart. Also found his right side from 80 yards from his current right side. The old white is 2 years old. Actaully found the white one first. Then walked up to his current. Took 4 hours to find the fresh left side


Father and Son. Couple of matched sets; One of Brian's favorite areas.

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Brian, The big heavies are the same buck in my profile pic. That pic. is from two winters ago. You can see, he's pretty wide. Also, his cheaters were not as pronounced then as they were this year, so around the neighborhood , from a distance he looked like a 2 x 4, if you don't count the brow tines. One of my neighbors said , I think that buck is a 2 x 4. I thought he indeed looked like a 2 x 4......but, I was referring to a building stud! So, we called him 2 x 4! I have his sheds from last year too. I'll have to put them side by side and send you a pic. at some point. Not a high scorer, but a super unique stud. Never did see anything bigger this winter. Bummer!


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I can't thank Brian and Badlands enough. There were definitely bigger antlers posted, but I can guarantee none of the other pick-ups made someone more excited than my boy got when he found his.

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