2021 VS 2020


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I've never posted in the hunt adventures forum. 2020 was definitely a year that I should have, it was a unbelievable season so hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by doing this. 2021 started out in Arizona where dad and I had OTC deer tags and javalina tags. Unfortunately I hit a javalina and would have bet anything that I had got it. After following blood for 1000 yards we completely lost blood and did zig zags trying to get lucky and find him. We went back looking for birds and did more cirlces and zig zags for the next 2 days and no luck. I hate that it happened but it's part of hunting I guess. We made a few stalks on bucks but just couldn't make it happen. Also the screen shot video is a Coatimundi that I got a shot at and barely missed

I just finished applying for everything in Wyoming, and Utah so now its just the waiting game to see if i drew out for anything. I will for sure have my general elk and deer license so that's a plus and we are hoping that my cousin draws out for moose this year! So as of right now that's all I have to post until draw results and shed season gets here!








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