2022 Kaibab re-cap


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2022 Kaibab re-cap

I was fortunate to be there for all three hunts this year. I was disappointed when I didn’t draw a tag myself - thought I had a good chance for an archery tag with 8 pts, but maybe next year. 2022 was a big year in many ways for me, esp. with a new marriage and new bride, and my health improved so I was able to do more this year than during the past 3-4 years. Life is good and I’m going to keep pressing forward as long as I can. I appreciated the opportunity to speak, text, chat, e-mail with many of you about the Kaibab this year – I always welcome an opportunity to chat and share what I know (or don’t know) about hunting there. I believe I‘ve accomplished what I set out to do 10 years ago, that is to share my knowledge with others while I’m around. I’m 70 now and the trail ahead is lot shorter than the trail behind. I want to pass on what I’ve learned to as many hunters as I can in my remaining years. I intend to finish my book this winter so it will my written legacy. Anyway, on to the re-cap…

Archery – I was there for a camping/scouting trip in late July. Summer monsoon rains were exceptional this year, wettest I’ve seen since 1997 – scouted lots of good bucks including a big non-typical, was there with two hunters for opening day of archery hunt. As usual, bucks were hard to find when hunt started - fewer hunters this year, abundant water so sitting on water sources was less important - big year for mushrooms. Tried to find big non-typical I saw scouting in late July, but no luck finding him. Things settled down 4-5 days into hunt, bucks started slowing up again. Hunter was finally successful shooting big 3-pt, he saw numerous big bucks, but it’s hard to get on them with a bow, esp. given how wet it was this year. Hunt pressure let off toward end of hunt, so bucks were findable. Overall, a good hunt and saw numerous bucks that would be around when the rifle hunts start.

Early Rifle – was there with James, scouted up a dozen good bucks before opening day, weather started to turn, still lots of water due to monsoons earlier in summer, tried to find the big bucks we’d seen opening day, but they got scarce - day 2 was super windy with approaching storm due to arrive Saturday night, saw big buck at first light, but James was 250 yards away from me, by the time he got to me buck had moved up ridge and out of sight. Saturday night rain, wind and snow hit hard, 15 degrees, 7-8 inches snow and wind. This was the most snow I’ve seen during the early rifle hunt since I started hunting there in 1971. My hunch was that deer would be moving quickly toward low country - Day 3 we drove around in the morning looking for tracks to see where deer were heading – at 8 am we found a bunch of does with nice 4-pt moving quickly – I told James I knew where they were headed so we made a move to get in front of them – 10 min later we cut their tracks and found the buck. James took the shot and dropped the buck – we celebrated and high-fived, but then looked down and the buck got up and ran over the ridge limping – I told James we’d pick up his tracks in the snow and find him, which we did in a few minutes and James took a finishing shot. Then we celebrated again, this time for real. Lesson learned – always make sure the buck is down and dead before celebrating. Nice buck in the snow, James was super happy with him.

Late Hunt – arrived 2 days before opening to scout – several snow storms hit the plateau before this hunt, so I was sure most deer would be low. Temp’s were cold with a couple inches snow on the ground. Most trick tanks were frozen over - scouted up a couple of nice 4-pts Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morn and eve. Bucks were rutty and chasing does. Got together with hunter – I went back to where I’d seen bucks opening morn and bucks were right where I saw them night before, but hunter had gone to a different area. I waited all day to see if bucks would show up again, and they did with an hour of light left, but hunter had gone to another spot. I had to leave on Day 2, but I told hunter where the bucks would be – he shot big 29” 3-pt on Day 3 right where I told him the buck would be.

Another good year – no exceptional bucks taken, but great success and hunters were happy. Saw numerous big bucks with some opportunities. Great days on the mountain with good new friends. Not sure what 2023 will bring. My sense is that I’ve probably seen my last year of helping hunters on-the-ground. My age and health seem to be catching up with me and my priorities are evolving – I remember being told to hunt while you can, because some day your health will out distance your ability and desire to hunt. I intend to keep applying for a tag as long as my health holds out – with 9 points going into 2023 perhaps I’ll draw an archery tag, or maybe an early rifle, or maybe a late rifle if lightning strikes. With reducing tag no’s and 10% limit the odds are against me as a non-res.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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Once again thanks for a very good write up. Hopefully I will see you down there this coming archery of early rifle. I have the points for the archery tag, and my friend has enough for the early rifle. Just not sure we want to do both the same year.


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Thank you for your insight on the Bab. Looking forward to hopefully hunting in the next couple of years.
Happy Holidays


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Thanks for the Report, Sorry to see no monsters taken . I been wondering how this year went. My avatar is a late West side hunt 4 years ago. Merry Christmas and Happy Health to all.........................................BULL!

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