Wanted 264 Win Mag Ammo


I'm looking for some 264 Win Mag ammo, preferably 140 grains. I'd like multiple boxes so I can start reloading it at some point. I'm willing to buy it or trade for: PMC 223 ammo, PMC 308 ammo, Fiocchi 308 ammo, HSM 308 ammo, Federal 308 ammo, Hornady 30-06 ammo, Retumbo, IMR 7977, CCI large mag primers, or a combination of things. Let me know what you're looking for, I might have it. My daughter has a hunt coming up and I don't have time to work up a load for it. I have plenty of hunting rifles she can use, but this is her first hunt and she's mostly excited about using grandpa's pre-64 Model 70 rifle, so I'm trying to keep that excitement going into the hunt. Thanks in advance.

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