For Sale 28 Nosler


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My brother just finished this. Trying to help him move it.

Rem 700 LA trued
-Lugs lapped and bolt face trued
- metal KG gunkoted matte black
-fluted bolt knob
-.250” recoil lug
- bartlien 3B fluted 26” 1-8” twist
- 3 port precision brake
- mcmillan hunter edge stock OD green with tan and black splatter coating
- walker trigger tuned to 2lbs
-BDL bottom metal
$2700 shipped in hard case
Load Data Available to buyer. Rifle is brand new.






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Have built about 10 rifles with this Reamer and they all shoot almost identical loads in either 180 or 195s. Have starting loads for buyer.
Rifle weights 7.39lbs bare.

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