300 3RUM and 100 yard Elk


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Ok. Looks like I will have a premium Elk hunt in 2010 and most of the hunt will be in Aspens with 100 yards or less shots. Early season rifle hunt. What about a 300 RUM with 180 ballistic tip or 200 Accubond? I want big holes and a lot of blood. Should be able to get broadside shots behind the shoulder. What about a 190 grain BTSP? Little worried about a 180 TSX due to small holes. Ok. What would you shoot and why?


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200 Accubond.

At 100 yards, that thing will make a hole you could park a truck in, but still penatrate.

180 Ballistic tip at what, 3,300-3,400 fps, your just asking for trouble.

Me, with that gun, I'd use a 200 Partition, maybe a Swift A-Frame, but that's just me.


I have never had any trouble out of 180 gr Siroccos. Always punches a hole and drops it in its tracks--except for my oryx. The oryx took 3 hits before going down.


I think you need to contact stinky.
He'll show you some blood,and lots of it.


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If I was getting 100 yard or less broadside shots, I'd be killing elk with a 22. Seems like a pointless discussion if those are yer parameters. You can kill elk with any type of high powered rifle at those distances...


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I am going to be loading 180 sirroco's next year do to the guys I hunt with. They tell me that they put big holes and lots of blood from the factory. Since I am loading my own I hope they put a bigger hole and more blood.


>Me, with that gun, I'd use
>a 200 Partition, maybe a
>Swift A-Frame, but that's just

they are about a total opposite of each other as you could get?

partition is very iffy, the swift A-FRAME will rival any top performance bullet on the market.
IMO the a-frame is as good as you can get, partition as pretty close to the bottom. just my 2 cents though


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LAST EDITED ON Dec-20-09 AT 11:28PM (MST)[p]Another vote for the Scirocco (actually they are all Scirocco 2's now, the bullet was improved from the original).

They hold up better than the Accubombs and still expand nice.'


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I have to agree with Triple_BB!
And what if on the way to your quakie stand Mr. Big is standing out there at 400 yards? Then what?
In my mind, whatever you shoot now is going to punch an elk plenty well at 100yds! IMHO


At a hundred yards, that RUM will kill it, clean it, skin it, quarter it, and drag it back to camp for you! Who said 5 bucks a shot isn't worth it! lol Try this; at 100 yards sneek in 40 more and skewer him with a stick and string!


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I think if you match the bullet to the job & velocity you'll be fine. A partition, trophy bonded, TSX will do the job for you. With that gun they'll all do the job. I've killed a lot of big game with trophy bonded and partitions and they did their job and the big stuff had more than a few hundred pounds on an elk no failures no problems.


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Can this guy read the future??? 100yrds or less and a broadside shot? WOW!

I'm sure whatever caliber you use when you take your 100yrd broadside shot, it will kill it...if you can shoot straight. Bull fever can get the best of us!!!

good luck


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