For Sale 300 Weatherby Vanguard with 27" Bartlein Barrel for sale.....


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This is a 300 Weatherby Vanguard Lazerguard with Bartlein barrel.

I'm a new member from Long Range Hunting Forum, so you can see my feedback there.

It has a 27" Bartlein SS barrel 5R 1-9 twist.
Pillar Bedded
APA Micro Bastard Gen 1 Muzzle Break
20 MOA Base

Timney Trigger installed.

Redding 3 die set, and 30pcs pf Weatherby once fired brass also included.

190 grain Bergers it's doing 3100 FPS with a mild load. 1/2" group. Bore scoped barrel, barrel is mint. Less than 100 rounds thru it. Mint shape, except for a small 3/8" scuff that I included a picture of.

$1550 shipped in a hard plastic case.



WBY 3.jpg

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