$36 Billion Union Handout


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Ok, uncle joe just got done advocating a giant payraise for railworkers, now he proposes a $36 billion bailout for a union pension fund “largely benefiting teamsters”. $36 BILLION!

All on the heals of the student loan forgiveness. WTF, is it election season or something?

I have 2 questions on the pension bailout: 1) is it to replace $36 billion that was lost or stolen by incompetent/corrupt union leadership? or 2) is it just a handout to help some poor workin stiffs (and buy a few votes while playing Santa)?

How is this even legal? The House should be able to stay plenty busy bbq’ing joes dumb ass. Bring it on.

Dear Uncle Joe,

Concerning your recent gift giving spree- I'm all in! I promise to vote for you for the small sum of $1M. Please remit payment before Christmas (oh- and every year thereafter to maintain my loyalty).

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Politicians have learned they can grant generous benefits to their political allies and not have to pay for it. They know that the govt. will bail them out with your printed tax dollars, no matter how badly they plan. Politics like this will eventually lead to the collapse of the dollar. Debt to GDP is currently 130%, we can't possibly grow the economy enough to pay for this type of nonsense

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