45-1 dec elk


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Just found out my 12 year old son drew a December either sex tag in smoky Bennett which is unit 45. We are from out of state and can't scout but I applied him for this unit because his only chance to hunt is Christmas holidays. Is anyone familiar with this unit? Is it accessible in dec. if we hike? I was wondering about excessive snow and not being able to get around. Or will the elk be in lower parts of the unit which might help him. Also I was wondering about elk numbers in general? I'm just a farmer from the south trying to get my son his first elk. I don't have any experience in Idaho so any suggestions would help us, thanks


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Snow shouldn't be an issue, slick gummy mud and private land and access to elk could be, but generally you
can find them on southern end of Unit all the way back north to hill city/fairfield. You should do fine hiking around and sticking to your plan, bring tires chains just in case.

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It was 100% kill in 2017,and finding a place to hunt shouldn't be a problem.My grand son has the buck tag,and it should be a fun hunt.


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>It was 100% kill in 2017,and
>finding a place to hunt
>shouldn't be a problem.My grand
>son has the buck tag,and
>it should be a fun

Wow just looked it up, not only was it 100% success but all bulls and 81% 6 pt or better


I had the tag last year and would be happy to give you a hand. It was a great experience! PM me and we can talk!


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I had the tag last year and would be happy to give you a hand. It was a great experience! PM me and we can talk!
I was wondering how your hunt went? I also drew the October hunt for this tag. Just moved to Idaho and trying to learn unit. Any help you could give would be appreciated


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quads or a side x side will greatly improve the enjoyment of this hunt. a lot of ground you can cover on the 2 tracks in there


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That time of year I’d be on the south part of the unit. Fair amount of public land if you use on x and I’ve seen bulls from the freeway in the winter. Be a fun hunt. Cover ground and glass. I coyote hunt it a lot so I may see ya out there


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Jeeps how i roll in there quite a bit. This was last new year day. As you can see it can bit sloppy.

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