6.5 x 284 setup


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I have decided to part with my 6.5x284 rig. I bought it already built from a friend who inherited another friends collection after he passed from cancer (if I remember correctly). It’s built on a 700 action. Shilen select 26 inch barrel(not sure of contour). HS precision stock, jewell trigger. Topped with a mark4 leupold 30 mm 8.5x25 with 25 MOA rail set up for Berger 140 VLDs. It shoots better loaded hotter however. I’m asking 2250 with dies and a few boxes of bullets and casings. I’m not sure exactly what I have laying around that’s specific to that gun and loads it likes. The top picture is a load I worked up with Retumbo and 147 ELDMs. 3 shot group @650. Rifle weights 10.5-11 lbs. I can get to the bottom of who built it if that’s important. I’ve put 400 rounds through it but I have no idea how many before I got ahold of it.







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