6A CHAMP tag

Hi I am from Idaho my name is Butch Christianson I drew a 6a champ tag I was A guide and outfitter most of my life I ran hounds for lots of years I specialized in deer elk bear mostly plus other hunts to I am getting all crippled up now and can’t walk anymore I been putting in for Arizona for a lot of years but since I am losing my walking ability I burned them on a champ tag I have a couple young men that are going to go early and hound hunt for bears and scout for elk my son and his friend are going to bring me to Arizona closer to the season. We never been to this part of Arizona so if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it very much I know no one likes to give up there favorite place just looking for some suggestions thank you very much
Lots of elk in the country only been out there camping summer time, I can’t imagine they move much,(besides going further from roads) the champ tag should be a lot of fun since there are significantly less tags than the general rifle. My advice would be cover all the country you can just for the simple fact of enjoying new country. I would assume most pressure around mormon lake, but with fewer tags might be a great place to start. When running the hounds for bear maybe start down south in the unit in the canyons with lots of oak brush. But being from Nevada I don’t get any bear tags so my advice ain’t worth much.
I am in South Carolina now and these Hillbilly's run deer with dogs. Sick. cowardly. You get 5 tags and I don't even wanna hunt here. When you feed em and shoot em standing there that aint hunting. Pretty much like these shows I see from Texas and they are proud when they shoot that buck under the feeder., Just Sayin.................LOL.........................BULL!

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