9/11 Find. Hike turned Into a shed Hunt.


Yesterday I stumbled across this Muley Shed. How old do you think this buck is?!?!?
I showed my Dad and his friends after my hike. They started offering at $600, then $1000 for just one side!
Do you guys think this is once in a lifetime find? If I matched it up What do you think this set is worth? Would you rather have this in your collection or a couple Hundred?
Still trying to find its match.
antler 3.jpg
antler 2.jpg
antler 1.jpg


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Great antler.
I have spent forty years looking for antlers and have found only a few that would be equal to this one.
If I found this antler you would have to pry it out of my cold hands.


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Antlers are worth what someone will pay you. I’d keep it definitely would look for the other side


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Hike back into area and find other side. That would be a nice set. Have one of your dads friends score it.


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That shed sure doesn't look like it's been sitting on the ground for 8 months. Must have been hidden from the sun?!


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Money is easy to get for those who know how to work. An antler like that however, is a once in a lifetime find for most people.
Agreed. I only sell small stuff. I was once offered $1000 for an antler, and said no thanks. A couple hours later, I was offered $1200. Again, nope. Still have the antler. $1200 is far easier to get than a huge antler.


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Keep it! As stated before, you can make up whatever amount of money you get for it as opposed to finding another big shed like it again. Case in point. Back in 1985, I found a big, fresh non typical set of sheds that I sold for $500. A large amount of money back then. Had thought of mounting them but could not afford it. Sold them to an antler buyer from Idaho who was buying them for Earl Basso.
Next six months or so, I get a Polaroid of the antlers from Mr. Basso with the sheds on a mount. Caption read 256”.
Several months later, I see the mounted antlers on Rusty Hall’s first publication along with several other large mounts on the same page. Contacted Rusty to try and buy a copy of the magazine with that picture but he was sold out. Requested and offered to pay him for a xerox copy of the magazine or the picture. He declined.
If any of you have his first publication, check it out. Picture had about eight or so big mounts on it!
Biggest mistake on my part!

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