9/11 Find. Hike turned Into a shed Hunt.


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Yesterday I stumbled across this Muley Shed. How old do you think this buck is?!?!?
I showed my Dad and his friends after my hike. They started offering at $600, then $1000 for just one side!
Do you guys think this is once in a lifetime find? If I matched it up What do you think this set is worth? Would you rather have this in your collection or a couple Hundred?
Still trying to find its match.
antler 3.jpg
antler 2.jpg
antler 1.jpg


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Great antler.
I have spent forty years looking for antlers and have found only a few that would be equal to this one.
If I found this antler you would have to pry it out of my cold hands.


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Money is easy to get for those who know how to work. An antler like that however, is a once in a lifetime find for most people.
Agreed. I only sell small stuff. I was once offered $1000 for an antler, and said no thanks. A couple hours later, I was offered $1200. Again, nope. Still have the antler. $1200 is far easier to get than a huge antler.

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