Accura LRX/MRX williams western precision sight.


I think I may have finally found a solution to my elevation adjustment issue with this combination. Seems a lot of people have had the same issue and after months of trying to dial in this muzzloader and making shims to get more elevation out of the rear sight and still being 6" low at 100 yards I came up with this today. Hoping to hit the range this weekend to try it out. I took the factory scope base that came with my rifle and filed down the rear section of picatinny rails, filed down the bottom edge of my williams rear peep sight to have a flat mounting surface and drilled and tapped the base to mount the rear peep. It gained me about 1/4" of elevation adjustment.

The issue I had/have with mine is not enough "de-elevation", can't get it low enough.

It's all the way back on the dovetail slide and I'm still 3" high at 100 yds, which makes it dead on at 150 using the load I am for deer/antelope.

I suspect that a heavier slug would put it dead on at 100.

Are you having the elevation issue with all bullets or just the heavy ones?

Looking forward to seeing the results of your work!


Same gun/sight as Spcreek?
No, and that is likely the reason, especially if the Accura is a straight barrel from front to rear and not tapered or has a rise at the scope mounts.
It worked out well! I had to do some more work and lower the sight a little from my initial attempt. I was shooting 8" high and couldn't lower my sight anymore so I had to take another 1/8" off of the sight. Now I have it 3" high at 100 and that puts me dead on at 200 with the 340gr eld-x bore drivers.

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