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Over the years, I have been lucky enough to mark off my bucket list a good mule deer and several bull elk. What I have learned along the way is that once I had taken my buck and bull, I was eager to see others experience what I had. Several hunts were performed with my family where our expecations were super-sized beyond our wildest hopes.

Couple of the highlights over the years.
2010 AZ LE Archery Bull Elk Michael Laney

2009 UT OTC Archery Bull Elk Gary Wilson

2007 AZ Archery Bull Elk Dion Laney

2007 AZ LE Archery Bull Elk Gary Wilson

2004 UT General OTC Archery Mule Deer Gary Wilson

Over the last few years I have come to find out that I enjoy going on others peoples hunts and watching them experience what I have in the outdoors. Family and friend hunting has been very rewarding and equally as demanding as if I were the hunter. I gained equal satisfaction as the helper or caller for my family when we experience success in the field.

After talking with a new friend who owned an outfitting business, I asked him what it would take to work with him in the industry of outfitting. Long story short, I took the Hunting guide test and I am now planning 3-4 hunts this fall were I will be the guide. To me the bonus is the money of course, but honestly, what a deal... get paid to go on my dream vacation! Hunting, are you kidding me.

I teamed up with George McQuiston of Wild Idaho Outfitters and Flying J Outfitters. His special forest permits in Utah are in the south slope of the Uintas and the Book Cliff Roadless area. In central Idaho, operating from Challis George conducts summer pack trips and fall hunts in over 150 square miles of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.



So, I am set on some new adventure of guiding several hunters to elk. That would be my area of expertise. I am not the bear hunter, but would be fun to become a fast learner.

Who wouldn't want to work here?



Book Cliffs Spike Camp Drop Trip Aug 2011

Loading up the mules. They are awesome!

George McQuiston explaining the days game plan, which included me going down to the bottom on foot to gain some intel on the area I would be going to guide and then we would meet up 4 hours later at the bottom. Sounds easy, Big country, demands repect. At first, I was a bit anxious, but settled right in once I got hiking and the land sort of unfolded and I was able to cover some ground. It was hot, and dry.

Beautiful open country. Big Drop off the top down into the bottom.

Didn't take long to spot some good animals.I immediately started looking in the shaded areas, and sure enough, there they were. Bedded down for the summer heat.



Now, where exactly was the meeting spot? Bottom of the canyon was easily in the mid 80's. Felt like 90's because of the weight I was packing. It was burning hot!

I decided I still had an hour to meet up with George, so I found a natural bathtube and jumped in with my birthday suit. Let me tell you, water is the best refresher method I know. My tub was down 10 feet with banking sides all round me. So just in case a watchful eye was around... no one could see me. After 30 minute soak, I was feeling 100% better.

George and the rescue party... arriving to carry me back up the hill.

Lets head home.

Go Utes... after all this was some of their country. Right?


This area isn't for your weekend warrior horse. Very advanced and sound experienced horses and mules made a difficult walk into a pleasant ride. George pointed out the three skeletons of unconditioned horses that die every year coming into this area from inexperienced hunters or horseman pushing the livestocks ability.

Yehaa! Its going to be a fun season. Plenty of horses,pack mules, wall tents and Big Game.

I look forward to sharing my adventure. I will get to hunt perhaps three elk hunts or more.

So the adventure begins. I will keep my personal hunting on Season of the Son as things develop there.



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Aug 29- 31 Challis, ID Frank Church Wilderness with

Set Bear Bait.

Big Bears are everywhere. George took this trail camera photo during the 2011 spring bear hunt. This was our target for the next three days. Set base camp and haul bear bait on five different baits.

Started out at this Operation Camp at bottom of Wilderness Dra
inage. Hot showers and Cafe 10 miles in town.


The rig with all the hay and bait we hauled (12) 55 gallon barrels of bagels and breads to camp to transport to each bait over the next month with all the hunters and bait sites we have.

The 4x4 set up with trailer. The road is washed out and the last 3 miles is 4x4 only. So we loaded up and drove 22 miles from the operation camp to the base camp.


We met up with another guide from ID and he has years of experience with another outfitter. His name was Dan. Great hunting truck and wood hauling rig with homemade racks!

Couple of photos at the top of the pass



Forest Fire in 2007 burnt thousands of acres. This is great habitate now.

All 500cc was used to pull this load around at this elevation.

Finally arrived at Base Camp in time to run several trips with all the gear from the truck to base camp and then we set off to bait the first bear bait right before dark.


I giggle when I remind myself that I will be out in the woods guiding for about a two months. Thanks for taking me on George!

Bagels and cherry flavored Donut filling.

Next morning we starte the process all over again. This time we had to start setting up wall tents and getting camp organized. There is a lot of work that goes into setting up a hunting camp that will be in operation for over a month.

Setting up Camp

The finishing touch of a great camp! This is Casey the other guide going out with George, Dan and I.

The stars and stripes welcome to camp

Off to set another bait on the other side of the endless wilderness. Over 165 miles of wilderness in Georges outfitting unit alone!

We give more than just donuts... no breakfast for a bear should go without granola or trail mix.

Who would of guessed that bread would weigh so much?

One of my jobs was to set trail camera on all the baits. The only people that should steal our cameras out here would be bears.

Another bait, set up. We saw elk tracks on this ridge and even a pile of wolve scat. We all were given wolf tags from George. Shoot on site. This could be fun!

These bears get all the good stuff! Rasberry filling!

Not to forget the white frosting that looks like paint.
It was good. No wonder they like to come into the bait!

The next day I was back in the big city... boy I don't miss this at all!

I am posting this as I am leaving for the first guided elk hunt for three archers. They will be going after general bull tags. I am excited and have heard only good things about the area. I will update after I get back from 10 days on the hill. See you soon.

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