AH CRUD!!!!!!!!


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Things aren't going well for my brand new rem.700
300Winny: I had a set of talley bases and Q/R rings- all
in stainless. I am putting a Leupold 2.5-8X36 on this
gun which I did not know needed an extended front base.
So I ordered a new set of extended front bases.
Everything was going great until the last base screw
stripped along with the hole in the receiver!!!!!!!!
I've never had this happen before, what do I do?
Gunsmith? chase those thread with a 6-48 tap? or have
them all re-done in larger 8-40's which could require
new bases????Not many smiths here in central florida
which makes it even more of a pain. And I'm not real
comfortable doing it myself. ideas????


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Since the holes in the reciever for the bases are critical for keeping everything aligned squared and centered with the bore, I'd opt for a gunsmith with the proper tools to re-tap if necessary. Bet someone here on MM can point you to one close to you. mtmuley


....any quality machine shop can do what you want done...if there are no smith's in the area try a machine shop, you'll just have to know what you want them to do.

great post/pic, thanks for sharing



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I am a machinist (not a Gunsmith) and I would think any machinist could set up your gun and drill and tap the receiver for 8-40 and enlarge the holes in the base a little so the screw fits. A HeliCoil is another possibility but I don't know if it necessary as it is pretty simple fix by the above method.

ANY competent machinist can set the gun up and put the hole in exactly the same spot it was just see if you can talk to the person doing the work and maybe watch while he does it to make sure he doesn't do something stupid like bore through your bolt!



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It shouldn't strip. You might talk to the shop you bought it from and see if they give you any options. Good chance you may just get a new rifle.


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LAST EDITED ON Jun-07-10 AT 02:24PM (MST)[p]8/40's all the way..most of mine get converted just cuz..take your gun and bases to the machine shop or smith, they will get it ready to go w/o a hitch.

Oh, I just read Bill's post, and he brings up an excellent point..If you take it to a machine shop, make sure they know what they are doing on guns..its a simple procedure, but I've heard tales of the front hole being bored clear thru the barrel, into the chamber!


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found a gunshop an hour away that will fix me up
with those 8-40 screws.

Relieved, maybe it will work out - going to get them
to mount scope and bore sight while they're at it.

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