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For all of us still looking for great deer and elk hunts this season, below is a comprehensive list of what Urge2hunt currently has available. All hunts below offer guaranteed tags either thru the draw or outfitter/landowner tags.
Either way, with the hunts below, you can start planning your 2020 hunt.

We also have antelope, moose, bear, caribou and most all other species hunts available as well. Contact us for what's currently available at:
415-706-1204 or or Facebook - Urge2hunt


*Nebraska – DIY bow, Frenchman Unit, 3,000 private acres, otc bow tag, lots of local bucks, rifle/muzzy 1-2 pts, can also hunt big whitetail.....….….$2,750

*Idaho – DIY drop hunt(full camp setup), Units 9/10, COMBO elk, deer, bear tags otc, Sept bow, Oct rifle.………..$2,995

*Utah – DIY Landowner tags, 30,000 private acres on CO border, 5 days, Oct 1-31, lots of roads, easy hunt, stay in town nearby, San Juan unit….…$3,495

*Arizona – 5 day guided bow hunt on private ranch near Prescott, otc tag, 197 taken Nov 2019, Aug and Dec/Jan rut…...$3,995

*Montana - 6 day guided hunt for deer/elk combo, Sept bow/mid Nov rifle, great shot opportunity, tags avail in draw, Region 1..........$4,100

Wyoming - 5 day guided hunt near Sheridan, over 150,000 acres private, 100% draw tag, combo antelope.......$4,200

Nebraska – 4 day guided hunt, 100,000+ private acres, 220 buck taken in 2019, easy hunt, otc tags, Nov rut dates……..$4,500

*Idaho – Guided rifle or bow in Units 9/10(Clearwater Forest), horse pack in to remote hunt area, COMBO-deer, elk, bear tags otc….$4,995

Colorado – Units 72/73 near Cortez, private land, 170-200+, food/lodging on own, 100% tag, bow - $4,500/gun................... $5,500

*Nevada – Landowner tag, Unit 172, valid all seasons (bow, muzzy, early/late rifle), inc private land…...............$6,500

Mexico - Guided on 400,000 acres, Jan ‘18 we took 13 bucks over 30” and 3 over 200”, avg near 190, 7 days...$12,500

*Colorado – DIY bow or rifle, (horse pack in), remote BLM-Unit 24(Meeker), OTC tags, deer/bear tags otc.…..…$2,250

*Idaho – DIY Drop camp(inc. full camp setup), rifle or bow in Unit 9/10, COMBO - elk, deer, bear tags otc.…..….$2,995

*Colorado – Semi-guided on 6,000 acres in Unit 421(NE of Grand Junction), cabin and food inc., tags otc, group of 4 minimum and ranch to yourselves….…$3,500

*Utah – Guided rifle 5 days, OTC tag, private 10,000 acres near Vernal, Oct 5-18(5 day), physically easy hunt…..$4,995

*Idaho – Guided rifle or bow in Unit 9/10(Clearwater Forest)horse pack in, COMBO - deer/elk tags otc......$4,995

*Colorado – Guided 20,000 acres, Unit 72 near Cortez, OTC tags, food/lodging on own…..…..bow - $4,500/rifle........$5,500

*New Mexico – Guided in Units 13,15,16,17, 36 (Gila), all weapons, draw/vouchers, 390 taken in 2019………..…$5,750

*Alberta – Guided 7 days on private, includes tag+lic, Peace River, bow(Aug 25-Sep 16) – rifle(Sept 17-Oct 9).…$5,995

*Idaho – Guided bow on 10,000 acres near Lava Hot Springs Sept 25-30 rut dates, 270-350 bulls, otc tag………$7,500

*Utah – DIY for big bulls (330-380), Sept-Nov any weapon, 5 days, 4 tags avail, 6,000 acres near Heber City……$14,500

Utah Cow Elk – DIY cow elk vouchers on private land, Aug - Jan 31 (3-5 day hunts)………..DIY - $1,395, Guided - $1,750

Idaho Cow Elk – Guided on 10,000 acres, otc tags, 3 days Oct-Nov, Lava Hot Springs, food/lodging on own.......$1,750

*Oklahoma – Guided with 100% shot opp in 2019, private land, tags OTC, free pig and doe, bow/rifle…..$3,200/$3,400

*Nebraska – DIY private land hunt on over 3,000 acres, stay in town nearby, all tags otc….......bow - $2,750, rifle - $3,500

*Alberta – Guided on private in heated blinds, near 100% shot opp, 150–220 bucks, Nov rut (7 days)…....………….$5,350

* denotes archery hunt available
Call to reserve your hunt dates and with any questions







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If you haven't drawn your deer or elk tag this season, take a good look at our hunts offered here as most have guaranteed tags for this season. Call us whether you're looking for a diy, semi-guided or fully outfitted hunt. 415-706-1204


New Member
2 questions

Looking for a mule deer hunt for me and my dad who can still get around but something a little easier
What’s your best one for that

What’s your best elk hunt you offer for me by myself?


We still have a few good mule deer hunts available this year. Do you guys have any deer points in Wyoming? If not, we have hunts for mule deer in Idaho, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah.
Were you looking for guided or diy?
Archery, muzzy or rifle?
What's your budget?

I also have trophy elk hunts in New Mexico, Nevada and Utah still available.
What's your budget for that and did you draw any tags ?

Feel free to call me as we have a lot of various options right now.


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