American Huntress, I will never watch it again!



So I have my DVR set to record all Coues and Mule Deer hunts. So last night I was watching American Huntress for the first time as she hunted MD in New Mexico. On an evening hunt she shot a nice buck that she called "Mr Big" She ran out of daylight and did not recover the buck. Yes that happens and not to abnormal right? Well the next day rather then going to look for "Mr Big" she goes on a management hunt. REALLY? How in the heck does she have a show and sponsors when she cant even take the time to look for a deer that she shot? I was discussed by this wanted to see if any of you saw the show to see if you felt the same...



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Its hollywood the managment hunt was probably filmed a week later and added in,just guessing though I didnt see the show.


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Watched it hated it and ill never watch it again. felt the same way ill go on my management hunt while my guide goes and looks for my deer. if i was the property manager her group would have been asked to leave.


On this hunt she went on a management hunt while guides or ranch hands went to look for "Mr Big". She makes a point to say that she is hunting while they look for her buck.


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So this gal has her own show, probably really cant hunt.. obviously she is hunting on a ranch not public land, looses her buck that is bloated and ruined, then has the ranch hands go find it while she goes on another private land hunt. Pardon me, but what a b!tch. Im pro women hunting, and think more should have shows, but come on. Get a real woman hunter out there and show this wench how its really done.


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I saw and noted the same.

In her defense, she did say, "tune in next week to see what happened to Mr. Big".

At the very least, they presented it very poorly; can't say I liked the show and will probably not ever watch again.

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-11-11 AT 07:34PM (MST)[p]Here is a list of shows that I love to watch:
2. Eastmans(mainly for nate simmons and david long)

Here is a list of shows that I don't mind watching:
Predator Quest
Predator Nation
Relentless Pursiuts
Jim Shocky
Bow Madness
Territories Wild
Jackie Bushman
The Crush
Anything with Micheal Wadell
Solo Hunter

I my be forgetting a few....but here are the ones that suck BAD:

Long Range Pursuit and Best of the West they are just infomercials.

Christiansen Arms.....once I saw them shooting whitetails in Texas out of the ground blinds with 300 RUMs at 120 yards I had to give up.

A Hunter's Life
Colorado Buck...I dont' care where in the world he is
Did they ever kill that show "huntin the world southern style?" That was the dumbest

All the rest

I would rather watch Marley shoot a lion out of a tree with a bow....see founder freeze his but off on a webcast, or just about any other home made vieo than Almost All the crap on these outdoor cable shows. Keep them coming guys....

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