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I don't have the guns for this ammo anymore maybe someone can use it..
Nib Remington 220 swift 50 gr. Psp..20 rounds

Nib Winchester 44-40 cowboy action loads 225 gr. Lead flat nose..50 rounds

American eagle brand 44 Rem. Magnum 240 gr. Jacketed hollow point 27 rounds new and 3 brass

41 rounds in box Remington brand 32 S&W long 98 gr.lead round nose

Hornady brand 47 rounds in box 204 ruger 32gr.v- max

Federal power shok 15 rounds in box 7mm mauser 175 gr. Soft point round nose

Federal personal defense 32 H&R magnum 85gr. Jacked hollow point 40 rounds nib
Federal hi power 32 H&R magnum 95 gr. Lead semi dead cutter 35 rounds nib
Bitterroot valley ammo 32H&R magnum 85 gr. xtp 43 rounds nib
Bitterroot valley ammo 32 H&R magnum 85 gr. xtp 50 rounds nib
All ammo in ad is new some partial boxes would like to trade for 22lr or 9mm ammo pm if interested will ship each party pays their shipping

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