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Hey guys, got this posted on the antelope page also, i plan on taking the better-half on a antelope hunt.It will be the first for both of us,don't expect big bucks, just wanting to have a good time and see a decent amount of goats.Looking for pointers, regular draw, 0 points,..and maybe some doe tags.


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I took my girl friend and her son on their first big game hunt last year in Unit 42. Almost 100% draw, regular, 0 points.

We took 4 animals in 3 days, 3 bucks and a doe. Her son shot @ at least 6 bucks before connecting.

It's about 50% private and checkerboarded so it's hard to tell private from public, hence the good draw odds. Upside?? There is a 16,000 acre "Walk-in" unit that you apply on line for, first come-first served. I had a Colorado archery elk hunt so we didn't begin huntin till Sept 30th and the season opened the 25th. Either go for the opener or after Oct 10, lots less pressure. And there are several ranches advertising huntin rights. I understand they are $50-$100.00 per person for the entire season. Hey, Good Luck and PM me if you want specifics.


"Shot at at least 6 bucks before connecting" makes one wonder how many he wounded. Some may simply dismiss him as another Kalifornia slob hunter. Sounds like he should have had more target practice or perhaps a better rifle.
Sorry about the rant,but I have little patience for that type of behavior.


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And here we have Herb the Self-Righteous hunter !!!!!

Let"s see it"s the girlfriends son's first big game hunt i don't know his age but i"d guess he's not a grown man.We don't know the hunting conditions it's wide open country,i don't know if you've hunted wyoming but i have and the wind has been known to blow a little out there making holding dead on a little tuff even for the most experienced hunter.Through in a little "buck fever" which most have suffered from and there you have it.I've seen people who could shot the X out of a target all day long but put a animal in front of them and they turn to jello.I"m sure if Califelkslayer felt the kid wasn't ready he would not have taken him all the way to Wyoming for a hunt.

A guy try"s to help someone out and gets slammed.And people wonder why they can't get help here sometimes.


LAST EDITED ON Feb-18-09 AT 06:26PM (MST)[p]Well , I have hunted anteloope most of my life and have missed my share of shots . There's practice and there's hunting.All the practice on the range just can't match out there on your first hunt,it helps ,but the excitment of the hunt takes over.When you lose that excited feeling you might as well quit hunting. Congradulations !!

The person that says he never has missed has never hunted much or he is a liar.


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I'm not too proud to admit that I've missed my share of shots at lopers! Some of my best memories are antelope hunting and the "what might have been" moments after missed shots.

For you ethics police, I'm not talking wounded shots, I'm talking missed shots! With an antelope it isn't too hard to tell if you've hit them. If you've wounded them, strong chance you are going to harvest them.


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Taking a kid hunting a being patient while he learns... priceless

Havening some dude call the ethics police on you... weak sauce.

I haven't taken more than one shot on my last 5 mule deer... probably about 12 shots for my last 10 deer.(oh, yea I missed my first 4 bucks as a kid shaking like a leaf on a tree.)

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