Anyone hunt Muddy Mountain HMA for elk?


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Looking at this area to archery hunt. Anyone hunted it and care to share your thoughts? Not looking for your spots just general info on the hunt. PMs welcomed.


LAST EDITED ON Dec-23-09 AT 04:46AM (MST)[p]I hunted there a couple of years ago for doe antelope and did not have any problem finding one.They were all over the place.But I did not see any deer or elk.Kind of surprised.Was only there for one day.


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the hma on the second range had way muddy access roads this year.
it kept me out but everyone else went anyways
when the roads finally froze the roads would rattle your eye teeth out.
I'm disgusted at the damage done to the roads and i bet the land owners must be too.
I've been out the last three weekends and finally filled my type 1 tag on a cow.
the bad roads on the second range pushed way to many people to my normal spot and the big herds moved to lone star opening morning.
i hunted 25 day in bow season 4 in rifle and 8 days in cow season.
yep I'm ticked about the number of tags now days yes the elk are there but there isn't enough space for that many people.
i never saw hide nor hair of ELVIS this year

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