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Ok guys. I've been watching some of your recent threads about flies and thought I'd throw this out.

My favorite fly is a Franz Potts series of flies called the Sandy Mite/Mighty Mite. NO ONE sells it anymore and I can't find anyone that ties them. If some of you know how to tie them, I'd be happy to pay you for them. PM me, or respond to this thread!!!

Here is a video on how to tie them if you're interested.

I just love fishing this fly (it was the first pattern that I landed my first fish on) and just can't find them anymore.




LAST EDITED ON Jun-28-11 AT 03:57AM (MST)[p]I'm by NO means a Master, but "hand woven hair flies"??? Those old timers didn't have a lot going on in the world to have time to tie them! I guess the more time they spent tying flies the less time for sweeping the dirt floor in the living room.

I'm from the school of "never let a fish see the same fly as the guy before"- not that there is a fish alive that's seen that one!

Sounds like you may be getting a new hobbie.


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HAHA Tageater!

Was thinking along the same lines when I watched the video. All my ties are pretty simple and they work. I sell a few here and there on the side. My most expensive are some foamers for 2 bucks each, except for some spun hair mouse patterns I'm doing for 3 as a favor to a friend. Considering how long it would take to tie a woven fly, it would be north of 3 to make it worth my time.

It IS a cool looking bug and I might try one for the heck of it, but maybe there's a reason they're no longer available.



Well, if you tie a few up for yourself and they work, send me some picts and I'll commit to buy a half dozen off you. I don't mind paying a few bucks to someone who does quality work and enjoys what they do.

3 or 4 bucks is worth it to catch of ton of fish...and believe you me, if tied correctly, you will catch a ton of fish with these. I even have a few I could send to you if you wanted to see one in person.

Anyways, take care.



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HaHa, lol, not me! Neither a Master tier nor a patient one. :)

Compared to a bugger, a guy would have to get $10. a copy. Looks fishy though and nice Vid. Thanks!!



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Wow, I didn't know anyone else fished with sandymites. I tied flies for my job going through high school, and still do it from time to time. My uncle grew up in Swan Valley, Idaho. They have a ranch right on the south fork of the snake. The only fly he would ever use was a sandy mite, and he'd always, always catch fish. His setup was unique in that he fished two flies, usually, the sandymite and another i forgot, about 5 feet apart. He loved those sandymites. He died many years ago, and his sons have long looked for somebody to tie sandymites. I didn't know what they were, and so hopefully I can take this video and tie some up. Thanks a ton for posting this.


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I realize this is a very old post. but, if you are still looking for woven hair flies, I can help you out. I have been weaving since the early 80's when my father gave me his old flies and told me I had to learn how to do them. because he could not get them anymore. His "standard" was the "Lady Mite". He also used the "Papa Mite" and the "Sandy Mite". as far as we could tell, those were the only patterns that actually worked. I can tie them all, but the Papa mite uses dark brown hair that I haven't found a good source for. I have used Grizzly hair in the past. anyway, Sandy and Lady mites are easy enough to find hair for. If you are still

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