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Hey guys, my buddy and i drew bow bull tags,it's been 11 years since i was there last, got a area in mind but any tips,imfo.,recent burns etc., appreciated!!


The area below blue vista lookout has been burned pretty good. It is the strayhorse upper eagle creek areas. Should be good hunting in there. You can see it from 191.
Sweet tag. Keep us posted!!


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check out from the upper cambellbleu to 191 the valley is kinda wide on the bottom with lots of tall grass easy escape for the elk but real good erea to still hunt through and call from ridges its about 2 maybe 3 miles from the top fence to the road you'll like im sure if your up to the hike chec out milligan peak theres a water shed tank at the top there used to be a tree stand in there also N E of the tank take plenty of water you'll need it by the way when is your hunt? if you can get op high and glass and listen for those bugles.
good luck

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