Az Archery Bulls Harvested by "DAZED" here on MM


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Here are the comments from Scott on his unit 1 hunt.

"The hunt was everything you guys said it would be. Lots of bulls bugling but we were having a hard time getting bulls to respond to cow calls. After trying decoys and cow calls for two days we decided to put some major pressure on the next bull so when we got a bugle we raked trees bugled and raised some hell. It worked! A bull came charging in and I shot him at 16 yrds. He made it 40 yrds and dropped. He scored 344. We hunted hard for two more days, lots of action but no response. Monday morning we hit it perfect. We had 7 bulls going before daybreak but the wind was wrong. So we made a big circle and got right on a good bull but again with cow calls and decoy the bull went away from us. We were trying to figure it out when we heard a bull a couple hundred yrds away. So we took off bugling and putting pressure on him. Danny saw the bull in a water hole 60 yrds over a hill so we stopped and raked a tree. Right away the bull came in to investigate. He came straight at us 30 yrds, stopped and stared us down, then turned for a great shot. Danny waited for the right shot and let go. Perfect hit. The bull walked 125 yrds and piled up. Danny's bull scored 415. I want to thank you all for your info. I want to especially thank AZBACKWOODS for all his time and phone calls. Scott"

It's always been my pleasure to point people in the right direction. Anyone interested in more info, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Awesome bull, great story too. Congrats to you guys on a great elk hunt.


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