Best bino harness


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Marsupial.... amazing. I’ve used many others and nothing compares. You have to buy the rangefinder case on the side. Compact and the magnets are great.


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I have had 2 kuiu harnesses but the new swaro 15's are way to tight trying to fit them in. I just got the new sitka xl and it has plenty of room! The dust wont get inside like the kuiu harness also.


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Badlands ,MY CHOICE ... will fill YOUR needs.15x sworo binos fit perfectly after a slight interior modify ... Bruce & SilverGrand


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I have the KUIU its one of the original versions keeps dust out easy on & off to get to binos. I would look at the Alaska Guide series they look like an awesome setup to me


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Alaska Guide Creations are the best I've been around. Quality American made. Amazing customer service. Lots of size options and accessories. Most of all they hold up really well. I've seen a lot of hunters come with the badlands that the magnetic closure doesn't hold closed.


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You made a good choice. I've owned FHF, Marsupial, KUIU, Sitka, and AGC, and AGC is hands down the best! Sitka would likely be 2nd in line, and I don't even wear their camo.


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Outdoor Vision is what I’ve settled on after using a lot of different harnesses. Very comfy and easy to use.


AGC. I got bucked off a horse and ripped one of the straps off when I landed. They’re having me send it in and fix it free of charge. No questions asked.
+1 on Kuiu. You can attach the rangefinder pouch to the side. The harness doesn't have elastic so you get a really snug fit that doesn't bounce. Lightweight and slim profile if you happen to be a bow hunter.



AGC Hybrid w/o the MAXX pocket. I replaced that harness with one from Marsupial Gear and its been much better. It can seem a bit large at times, but I run my rangefinder in the front pocket as Id rather not have a RF pouch next to my right arm.


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I like the Marsupial because the pockets open forward and can easily stay down with the magnet, pretty nice for ease of access for binos and rangefinder when the weather is nice...also great if bowhunting to get the rangefinder in and out easily.


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I haven't used them all but ACG is great. If you don't want or need that much storage, FHF is great quality. T&K and Marsupial are two I have eyed but haven't tried.

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