Beta Testers Wanted for Hunting Gear App


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Hello, I have been working on a hunting app for the past month and I need beta testers to try it out and answer a few questions. The app is a gear list app so next time you are ready to start planning your next hunt you would go to my app and gives you a good basis on what you need on a hunt. I am signed up with Brownells, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabala’s affiliate program so all of the products you see are from those vendors.

(Please note that some things might load very slow and also that the hunting portion is the only working section. The fishing and camping portion is still being worked on.)
Link to App:

If you chose to participate please answer the following questions:
1.In it’s current or completed state would you find this app useful

2. How often would you use this app?

3.Were there errors you encountered while using the app?

4.Is there anything you would like to see added to this app?

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