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Bought a Big Tex 16' dump trailer, took it to my local welding shop and had them raise the jack mount, so I wouldn't tear it off going across dips. First time I used the trailer, the pin didn't hold the one side of the tail gate open as I backed back up after dropping some of the load, it dug into the ground, bent the hinges, back to the welding shop. Had the repair the damage, add rings to the doors, and chains w/ hooks to full proof keeping them open.
A buddy who I was helping rebuild his house after the camp fire borrowed it to haul of trash. He calls me one morning and ask if it had a spare?.. I said yes, well he say's it doesn't now. He took pictures of the mount where the weld broke, it was pitiful to say the least, contacted nearest dealer with pictures. Lucky I guess the tire and mount had come off, and didn't kill somebody. I got the trailer back, contacted local guys for warranty work, they said bring it in w/ proof of purchase. I dropped it off, they said about 2-3 days, I called 7 days latter, they said the 3 year warranty doesn't cover the mount/ tire. I asked about buying a spare, they had none available, and she said 2 moths out. I picked up the trailer, irritated is a understatement.
Called the place I bought the trailer at ( 2 hr. drive one way) they had them in stock. So 445.09$ and 4 hours later, I got a tire and rim. Its a big rim, and load range h tire, hard to find. It's now at my local welding shop getting fixed. If you got a big Tex, check the spare mount, before you kill somebody, very unimpressed with the company...... Rant over.


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I just bought a 12' Lamar. I love it. I would have bought the Big Tex but the salesman wasn't much help. They were out of the 12' and 10k gross and he had the mind that it couldn't be ordered or looked for in another town or state. The Lamar dealer gave me a fair price and I made the deal right away.


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I have a big tex equipment hauler and it’s been very good, although I did buy it several years ago. Big tandems and it pulls like a dream.

It’s possibly the best deal I have ever gotten On a wheeled vehicle. Walked in telling him I had $2400. Walked out with the trailer and a spare for $2150. Dealer was going broke, easy to see why. :ROFLMAO:


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I just bought a Diamond C 14 foot utility trailer for work and my hunting trips. It has the side-load option and has a single 5,200 lb axle. I added a 2nd spare tire to it also. Took it on one hunt so far this year and drove it 1,200 miles on the highway and another 250+ miles on dirt roads and it did well. I love having the extra room over my other 5x10 trailer.

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