Biggest Elk of 2021


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Well ladies… I managed to kill the biggest elk of 2021. Sorry. It’s already dead so none of you have a chance to beat it. The steaks, jerky, roasts and burger are so tasty and good!

This big old girl decided to feed across a basin face with a few other cows. I cut around and up to close a nearly 800 yard distance just to find they already fed off… or so I thought. I turned and looked up a draw because some motion caught my eye. I snuck in 20 yards closer and drew my bow. This big girl went from being perfectly broadside to showing nothing but her chest. I settled that arrow for the frontal shot and touched the trigger. I watched just as the arrow hit her and she immediately began pouring blood. She went a few yards and rolled over. Super grateful to put down a giant cow and a ton of really great tasting meat.





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