Biggest Enemy of Hunters


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After being eyeball deep in many debates, and antics myself I can without a doubt pinpoint the biggest enemy of the modern day hunters.

Long range hunting.....Nope

Special Interest Groups.....Nope

Tag Cuts.....Nope

Loss of Habitat.....Nope

Loss of ethics.....Nope

It's the INTERWEB!!! It's completey exposed all of our sports flaws and weakness. And it wasn't even the Antis that pointed them out. It's us ourselves! Long range, wounded archery, blocked roads, trail cams, stolen trail cams, flat brim excitement, organized groups with too much power, unorganized groups trying to gain power. Poor shots, great shots, big animals, small animals, male animals, female animals. Name them all and we've exposed them ourselves for the world to see.
We sure listen to our papas about the way it ought to be but we sure seem to forget what mamma use to preach. "If you ain't got nothing good to say then don't say anything at all"
The interweb has provided us the best possible tool to damage ourselves without question.
Just my humble opinion.


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I think most of us get that we are in here, mostly in off seasons poking each other, throwing bombs, etc. However, look at the way the sport is presented. Look at the shows, the ads, the mags.
The shows: My first "hunting" show was Doug Miller. Not truly a hunting show, more of an outdoor show, but it was about seeing new people doing something outdoors related. It was about the kids, the old people, etc. It was about LOVING THE OPPORTUNITY we have to live(especially in the west) in a place where in 10 minutes we can be doing some of these things.
I started seeing more national shows, other than Realtree, they were mostly regional guys, doing regional shows, yeah chasing trophies, but usually with their buddies, again, ENJOYING THE OPPORTUNITY.
Now, good lord. NASCAR has less product placement. Because you have a camera, it apparently came with a PHD in biology with the ammount of time you "lecture". It is almost a near miracle for 99% of them to ever venture onto public land, and then NEVER without a guide. Enter the WOMAN. We aren't talking the women we hunt with. We are talking the sillicone injected, highlighted, skin tight eyecandy.

The mags. The mags in order to compete with the shows, have to go one step further. Look at how you took pics of your animals 10 years ago. Usually hanging in a tree, in the truck, or with you holding the horns kneeing down. Now look. There is no blood, the legs are curled nicely under the animal. Guys sit so far back and down hill you can hardly see them. The stories are more and more about the most extreme in everything, travel, guns, animals, etc.

Lastly, the ADS. No offense, MM takes money, but right next to this post as I am typing is a vortex ad. Somehow this dude hiked into the back country, killed a massive elk, strapped the horns to his back and is on his way out. Where is the meat? Where is the blood? If you don't have a deer feeder, food plot, and super mag, your not a hunter. The ADS no longer advertise a product, or even a lifestyle. They advertise a fairytale. One is which EVERY deer is 30". Every elk is a bugling 6 point. Everyone wears $500 camo.

Hunting media, intentionally or not, isn't about hunting anymore. Its not about the people. Not about the animals. Not about the opportunity. Hunting media is about a pretend world, where every dude talks loud, knows everything, shoots only the best guns, sharpest knifes. He travels the countryside with a chick fresh out of Hustler Magazine, who on top of being everybit the expert, loudmouth he is, finds time to be eyecandy on top of it. These two travel(by bus now) from high fence area to high fence area to hunt. Areas in which a deer goes from spotted fawn to 30" buck in a 2 month period. Around every corner is a bugling bull, and every bear in the forest is a charging grizzly.
We, myself included have bought into this crap. LR hunters, Sitka gear. Custom ammo. TROPHY HUNTING, unrealistic expectations, based not on what experience tells us, but on what "the experts" tell us have become common place. Years ago we went and hunted, talked to our buddies, talked to locals. Now we quote Jim Shockey, bone collectors, Tiffany, and forget that all of them are dependent on selling a fantasy. They don't just video themselves hunting, and show how satisfying it is to spend time outdoors with people we love, they sell you a unicorn, and like idiots we chase it. Then come throw bombs on the internet.
Hope all the guys I have yelled at, bitched at, teased, clowned, argued with, and yes even agreed with had a GREAT season, saw some critters, ate some good food, drank a good drink, spent time with the people they loved. Looking forward to the offseason, I personally have some new SFW lines, a rant on LR, and I even have a new complaint, which I will air when cabin fever sets in real bad.

Muley, I disagree, I think, that if guys come in here and enjoy each other, disagreeing or not, I think sites like this are a lot of fun, and sometimes even a slight bit educational. Plus, most of us have families now so we can't hang in the bar all the time talking crap, so now we sit in our basement, Diet Coke in hand, still every bit as bad as we once were!!

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"


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I don't disagree about media. I just believe internet hangs the common man! It's shows our divide and weakness. Admitted weakness.


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You can sure tell Big Game Season is Winding down!

It'll be a little better come about Mid-August 2015/8 Months from now!

Did I just say 8 Months?


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I have to agree with NVB. Too many 'holier than thou" attitudes!'s quickly becoming a factor in our sport and will play a roll in the downfall of the common Joe! The hunt i went on this year wasn't even very long or very far, but cost $1500.00. If we would of stayed and hunted all the days we had planned if needed....well north of $3000.00. I know it sounds like chump change to alot of people, but it's a good size bill to most of us.


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Quit complaining.

I can go outdoors in my awesome waterproof camo. Hunt for days on amazing tasting dehydrated food. Drive there in a pickup that was nicer than my grandmas Cadi. Shoot a gun that will go out to 1000 yards or shoot a bow at 315 fps. Record it on a GoPro. Post the pics on MM or Facebook or Youtube and share it with hundreds of thousands of people.

Get over it.

You sound like my Great Grandpa sayint "those smart phone thingies are gunna make ya dumb." Well, last I checked we have more college grads in society than ever before. The stock market is hitting record high numbers every year. We can launch a missle to hit our enemies from our own turf....thus avoiding any battles like D-day. And I eat fresh oranges any day of the week from all around the world. I live in Utah and can be in the Caribbean tomorrow for about $700. And our average house size has doubled in the last 20 years.

Keep up grandpa.....this ride is mov'n with or without ya.

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato


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>After being eyeball deep in many
>debates, and antics myself I
>can without a doubt pinpoint
>the biggest enemy of the
>modern day hunters.
>Long range hunting.....Nope
>Special Interest Groups.....Nope
>Tag Cuts.....Nope
>Loss of Habitat.....Nope
>Loss of ethics.....Nope
>It's the INTERWEB!!! It's completey exposed
>all of our sports flaws
>and weakness. And it
>wasn't even the Antis that
>pointed them out. It's us
>ourselves! Long range, wounded
>archery, blocked roads, trail cams,
>stolen trail cams, flat brim
>excitement, organized groups with too
>much power, unorganized groups
>trying to gain power. Poor
>shots, great shots, big animals,
>small animals, male animals, female
>animals. Name them all
>and we've exposed them ourselves
>for the world to
>We sure listen to our papas
>about the way it ought
>to be but we sure
>seem to forget what mamma
>use to preach. "If
>you ain't got nothing good
>to say then don't say
>anything at all"
>The interweb has provided us the
>best possible tool to damage
>ourselves without question.
>Just my humble opinion.

So, if an organized local special interest group that you don't belong to decides to turn your favorite general hunting unit into a Limited Entry unit with a higher buck to doe ratio and 5% tag cuts for every number added to the ratio, and you don't want that to happen, we'll all be better off if you just keep quiet!


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LAST EDITED ON Dec-15-14 AT 12:51PM (MST)[p]>EFA,
>Shake that tunnel vision off and
>read the post.

You mean the part where you write: "I can, without a doubt, pinpoint the biggest enemy of the modern day hunters."....."It's the INTERWEB!!!"?

Or do you mean the part where you write: "If you ain't got nothing good to say then don't say anything at all"?

Or do you mean the part where you summarily dismiss long range hunting and Special Interest Groups and tag cuts and loss of habitat and loss of ethics as possible candidates for the title of the biggest enemy of modern day hunters.

Or are you referring to the whole post which is an obvious attempt to get readers to quit telling the world that there are ongoing attempts by organizations in the hunting community to move forward with a chosen agenda in spite of opposition?

Since you've told us what we shouldn't do, how about telling us what we should do?


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I was not saying to dismiss anything. The post is pointing out that we air our dirty laundry and fight against each other as sportsman rather than presenting a united front. Which weakens us as a whole, that is bad for every sportsman or women across the board.

It was nothing more or nothing less. You say "an obvious attempt to get readers to quit telling the world that there are ongoing attempts by organizations in the hunting community to move forward with a chosen agenda in spite of opposition" Get real Lee, again like discussed on another site, I'm talking about the big picture and the entire book. You and I will never see eye to eye because you live in a tiny bubble of existence. You automatically think a post is referring to your agenda, believe me, it never even crossed my mind. So relax and give us another UWC update, they are appreciated by some and that's a good thing.


If your driving faster than me your an idiot. If you driving slower than me your a dumb as.
This is what 99% of MM debate amounts to.
We even have MMers deciding what type of hats are ok and what are unacceptable.

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