Boat Based Blacktail Deer hunt


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Hey all,
We have a couple spots open on the annual blacktail deer hunt up here in AK. Here's the quick run down. If you seriously interested please send a PM and I'll give you more details

Boat based deer hunt. Fly in to town Nov 1st and fly back home Nov 7th. 5 days of hunting. As a NR you can shoot up to 4 bucks. You must buy a tag for each one. Boat has bathrooms, showers, rooms with bunks. Food is provided. If you want to bring alcohol you must provide it yourself. This is a DIY hunt. We will drop you off every morning and pick you up at night. Processing is available to those interested. We will be hunting an island that is very big. There is 8 spots on the boat but only 4 openings. Please PM me for details and price if interested. Its going to be a good time in a fun area to hunt.
Can we shoot from the boat?
As long as it isn’t under power you can. You can get them on the beach:


Little surf and turf:


Can’t wait!

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