Book Cliffs Muzzy Elk, here we come!


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My dad, 67, burned his points on this hunt and we're ecstatic he drew.! Lookin for anyone who had this tag in the last couple years. My family and I know the unit quite well, been on several deer hunts, but, have only been there during the Muzzy Elk hunt once in 2016... Just want a report of how its been the last few years. PMs appreciated guys.! Wishing you all good luck as well.!! :)
My Book Cliffs muzzy bull 2020. When we got away from the roads we found more elk (surprise). It was real dry and many of the Guzzlers were dry or minimal stagnant water. Rained real good one day and the elk were all over the Guzzlers. The bulls were bugling and I called in multiple bulls, including this one. Great hunt during the peak of the rut. I'll send a PM with specifics!


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