CA Draw

They have been running 10 or so calendar days from the due date the last few years. That makes this Wednesday the most likely day. 10 working days gives them till Monday morning the following week.
Just got off the phone with fish and game office a little bit ago and lady said drawing is tonight and results should be posted tomorrow 6/11
Doubt it...
They always say what it says in regs as far as date...
I too have the unsuccessful letter available for download on the app but it lists a bunch of hunts being available that definitely aren't.
Where is everyone finding the unsuccessful letters?
Under “view my draw applications/ preferences points” all of ours show still pending.
The typical order to date is that they draw, the deer tags available takes a hit, the application page is unavailable, then they post. I'm still betting on results available Wednesday. Maybe the DFW lady is sick of "when is the draw" calls and is messing with callers?
Something is not right with the unsuccessful letters. My second choice was B zone, which I should automatically get.
Also there is no Y or N in the did I win location.
Did you print the "un" letter?
A few years ago I was looking online and my results were up for 1 min.. then gone... I did see I was successful for a way fast stinky.. which was confirmed later when the posted.
I now have something that makes more sense than an unsuccessful letter button on the app. It is a link to hunts in the zone I put as my third choice, which was a sure deal.
I imagine some of you fellers use the Rolling Bones service for draw deadline notifications and such. Is it me, or do they constantly send out messages stating that draw results are available, when in actuality, the draw results are not available?
I downloaded the app today after seeing all this, but no applications show up, I guess you had to have it previously
My son just downloaded the app a couple of hours ago and all his apps are there.

Try again maybe you didn’t put your GO ID # in right or something…


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