Cabelas (Meopta) 15x56 Euro HD

Selling my 15's because I want to upgrade. It is amazing how many more animals I find with these 15's on a tripod. This system will absolutely help you find more animals if you put the time behind the glass.

Comes with a vortex tripod adapter, original bag/case, neck strap.

$800.00, OBO






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Do you have the original receipt. These have an unconditional lifetime warranty, but only if you have the receipt, thanks


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Great deal on a great pair of optics.

30Hart..... in the past I have never been asked for a receipt on a cabelas branded item other than boots.


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For the Euro HD line it only applies to the original purchaser...a receipt or if you filled out the warranty card would be the only way to verify you are the original purchaser. You might get lucky, but not worth the risk otherwise. That's why Leuopold Gold Ring and Vortex do so well on resale...warranty is on the product not the person. But yes these are spectacular...I have the top of the line Meopta 12X50 and 10X42 and they are the equal of SLCs that's for sure.
Do you have the original receipt. These have an unconditional lifetime warranty, but only if you have the receipt, thanks
I do not have the original receipt. I did exchange these one time and did not have a problem doing so. The glass is scratch free. I have always use microfiber cloths and it stays in the carrying case when in my pack.


From Meopta-

The warranty on the Cabela’s branded Meopta optics was lifetime through Cabela’s until Bass Pro bought them out. We still do warranty repairs on these items, though depending on the cause of the damage there may be a charge associated with the repair. In any event, the process is fairly simple though time consuming. If you needed work done, you would request an RMA through me and ship to our office here in Florida. Once received I forward the item to our repair department in Czech Republic. It takes about 4 weeks for them to receive the item and return a determination of warranty or paid repair. If it is a paid repair, I would inform you through email what the cost is quoted at and get your approval to begin the work. Once the work is started, it would be another 4-5 weeks before I have the binocular back in the U.S. to return to you. Usual turnaround time is 8 – 10 weeks on repairs, though it will be a bit longer right now due to the 2 week summer shutdown 13 – 28 July.


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So I was wondering, is the warranty and the process the same for the cabelas branded as the meopta branded?

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