California G6 Kern River Hunt 2022

King Richard

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I drew this unit this year burning 12 points. I do not reccomend this hunt. First of all, the Forrest Service
closed the road past Johnsondale the day before the season (2nd year in a row). This eliminated about 20 miles of road access. 2 recent fires have also NUKED sections of this unit & a previous fire has left much of the area covered with 5’ high buck brush & chemise. I spent 8 days in the unit for a total of about 24 does & 2 small forks. There had been 2 storms prior to the hunt. An after season trip to glass some of the areas hunted resulted in no deer spotted & this was after a major storm. Apparently this was previously a good hunt but I would have to say that is NOT the case now. I think I could have seen what I saw there hunting the same amount of days in D7. I would not recommend burning the points required to draw this unit. It’s not what it once was..
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