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Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Year End - 65th Anniversary Sale at Camera Land

It's that time of the year when we do our best to sell out of everything we have so we do not have to count inventory at the end of the year. We have slashed prices, brought in every deal we could find and are celebrating our 65th Anniversary so you'll get the products you've been wanting at prices as low as they've ever been.

Nightforce Black Friday - Year End Sale
You never expected it and now's your opportunity, the Nightforce Black Friday / Year End Sale is here. From now through the end of the year Nightforce SHV & NXS scopes are on sale. As a general rule the best of the best never goes on sale. I was thrilled when we got the go ahead to run this sale. Please feel free to call us, 516-217-1000, to discuss which scope(s) would be best for your application.

SHV Riflescopes are designed for maximum versatility across a wide range of shooting disciplines; whether you enjoy target shooting, pursuing big game, varmint shooting, or all of the above. Shooters on a budget can now enjoy Nightforce quality at a reasonable cost. In fact, you will find that SHV™ riflescopes outperform many brands that cost much more. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, they say “Nightforce” on the side.
Entry-level Nightforce® riflescope
Developed for all around use
High-Quality glass with simplified features
Best selling MOAR reticle
ZeroSet™ elevation or capped adjustments

NXS Riflescopes are built to standards that exceed virtually any other riflescope on the market. Each must pass a battery of tests—including side and front impact—that would destroy an ordinary optic. Only the highest quality, most durable components are used in NXS™ riflescopes, assuring a lifetime of repeatable precision. NXS™ lenses are painstakingly bedded with our proprietary Mil-Spec formulation, reducing any glass-to-metal contact that can result in breakages, stress, misalignment, and thermal shock. It’s how legends are built.
Hard-use Nightforce® product line
Legacy product line that established Nightforce within the marketplace
Used by elite military snipers and warfighters
High-quality glass and features
Positive clicks for windage and elevation dialing
ZeroStop™ elevation adjustment

Zeiss V4 Riflescopes are on sale, $100.00 off from Now through the end of the year. "The Conquest V4 riflescopes are for hunters and shooters whose lifestyle and adventures involve traditional and long-range hunting, as well as shooting and long-range shooting. They were designed as a lightweight, high-performance product line for various demanding hunting and shooting applications. They are, by any standard, 'best-in-class'.The Conquest V4 family is based on a 4x zoom ratio, incorporates a 30 mm main tube, and consists of the: 3-12x44, 3-12x56, 4-16x44, 4-16x50, and 6-24x50 models. Each model delivers 90% to-the-eye light transmission, offers .25 MOA click values, capped windage turret or external locking windage turret, a large range of total elevation and windage travel, and various traditional and smart second focal plane reticles."

Sightron Riflescope Year End Blowout
From now through the end of the year pricing on Sightron Riflescopes are priced insanely low. Take a look at the different SFP & FFP series and find which is a perfect fit for your needs.

S1 G2 Series starting at only $199.99.

SII TARGET 36x42 BRD - Target Dot .125 reduced from $519.99 to only $399.99

S-TAC Series starting at only $239.99

SIII & SIII PLR Series reduced $250.00 - $350.00 a scope
- Choose from 6-24x50's, 8-32x56's and 10-50x60's

SV Series 10-50x60 ED reduced $500.00

Your choice of SRS-2 Reflex Sight Kit in either MOA-2 or MOA-6, reduced from $359.99 to only $149.99

Sig Sauer Black Friday - Year End Sale

We are pleased to announce that from now through the end of the year everything Sig Sauer is on sale, including all Sig Sauer Buckmaster Optics.
Sig Sauer fused together advanced electronic technologies, superior HD glass, and military-inspired designs to achieve maximum clarity, accuracy, and performance.

We have some outstanding opportunities for you from Hawke Sport Optics From Now - the 29th all Hawke Sport Optics are reduced on our site, and we are going crazy with their Frontier SF 1" Riflescopes. We have lowered the price $200.00, through the end of the year, on your choice of:

Frontier SF 3-15x44 - Mil Pro now only $379.99

Frontier SF 4-20x44 - Mil Pro now only $399.99

Frontier SF 5-25x50 - Mil Pro now only $459.99

These great scopes feature:
21 layer Fully Multi-Coated 5x ratio optical system
Side focus control for parallax adjustment
1″ mono-tube chassis for superior strength
Long eye relief for high recoil and magnum calibers
Glass etched reticle with red illumination
6 levels of brightness with off positions in-between
1⁄10 MRAD exposed Zero Lock 'n' Stop turrets
Zoom ring with thumb lever and locking ocular

Revic Black Friday/Cyber Monday Opportunity - We will include a Camera Land Gift Card with the purchase of any/all Revic Optic or Tripods purchased between November 17th and the 29th. Revic, The World's Most Complete Long Range Optics & Ballistics Ecosystem. Rangefinder, Spotting Scopes, Tripods & Fluid Tripod Head

Athlon Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Through November 28th
You waited for it and now's your opportunity, the Athlon Black Friday Sale has arrived. EVERYTHING Athlon is discounted on our site to prices lower than you would have expected. A combination of Black Friday and Camera Land celebrating our 65th Anniversary got us very motivated to give you amazing deals. Take a look at our web site, call us to discuss what would be a perfect choice for you, and let's work together to make it happen for you this Christmas season.
Providing superior quality products is a core value of Athlon Optics. Athlon strives to design advanced technologies and incorporate unique features into their optics at an affordable price.
Binoculars - Red Dots - Riflescopes - Spotting Scopes - Rings - Laser Rangefinders - Tripods

Meopta Sport Optics Sale
From now, through the end of the year, we have put ALL Meopta Sport Optics on sale. The special discounted sale pricing is shown on
our web site on each Meopta Sport Optics product page. Now is the time for you to give us a call, 516-217-1000, to discuss which Meopta optic is right for you.
Meopta – precision optics since 1933
With 85 years of making the world´s best optics, Meopta knows how to maximize light transmission, visual clarity and optical excellence. Some of the best hunting happens in the worst light and weather conditions. The twilight of dawn and dusk, cloud cover, haze, rain, snow or deep shadow don´t care that you´re lining up a 14-point trophy buck… but, thankfully, Meopta does.
Choose the right product that perfectly fits your needs. Hunters will love Meopta's wide range of riflescopes designed for shooting in every situation from short to long distances. For observing nature in stunning details you will choose one of their wide selection of binoculars or spotting scopes. Meopta is here for your better view of the world.

Kowa Spotting Scope and Binocular Sale
We are THRILLED to be able to announce Kowa Year End Sale - Now Through December 11th. If what you've been hoping would go on sale is not listed here please just give us a call, 516-217-1000, to discuss what you were hoping for and we will hook you up, as we always do :)

BD II Series Binoculars, 6.5x32's, 8x32's, 10x32's reduced from $399.00 to only $329.00 and 8x42's and 10x42's reduced from $449.00 to only $379.00

SV 8x32's reduced from $200.00 to only $149.99

SV 12x50's reduced from $275.00 to only $199.99

TSN-553 and 554 Compact Spotting Scopes reduced from $1,799.00 to only $1,499.00

Kowa TSN-883 & 884's with the TE-11WZ and Case reduced from $3,199.00 to only $2,499.99*
*While Supply Lasts

All other Kowa Optics and Accessories are reduced from Now - the 29th

GPO Riflescope Year End Super Specials
The sporting optics market has featured a staggering number of products, some poorly made and some of spectacular quality, sold by both unknown and well-established brands. However, over the last ten years of global production standardization and international sharing of technical expertise, the quality and optical excellence of many brands have become similar to those of premium European brands. With regard to clarity and sharpness, the difference between mid-priced and high-priced products is indistinguishable to most customers. However, the pricing difference between these categories is dramatic.

GPO Passion 3X 3-9x42 - Plex reduced from $399.99 to only $299.99

GPO Passion 3X 4-12x42 - Plex reduced from $449.99 to only $329.99

GPO Passion 4X 3-12x56 - G4 reduced from $699.99 to only $549.99

GPO SPECTRA 6x 2-12x44i - BRWi reduced from $949.99 to only $649.99

All other GPO Sport Optics are reduced from Now - the 29th

If you're looking for a solid quality, affordable optic than Konus Optics is a line of optics you should consider. We have slashed pricing on all Konus Riflescopes and Spotting Scopes "Since its foundation in 1979, Konus has prided itself in offering plenty of unique and exclusive products that feature a superlative level of quality at a never-before-seen price."

If you take a moment to add Burris and Steiner products to your cart for final sale pricing we believe you'll be very pleased.

Save BIG $$$$ on the Leica Noctivid Binoculars & Calonox Thermals from Now - the 29th. If you're a top quality optics person than this is certainly worthy of consideration.

We are reducing all Tenba Cases, Peak Design Products & Promaster Inventory with a 20% off savings from Now through the 29th.

We are here to assist you in every way possible. Advise, Product Knowledge, Package Deals, Gift Cards, Special Pricing. Please feel free to call us, 516-217-1000, with any questions. We are all about customer service. Thanks for the opportunity to assist you.

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Please give us the opportunity to work together to deliver the Sport Optic or Camera you've been wanting. We appreciate all the orders and support.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs.

Have a great day & please follow us on Instagram at gr8fuldoug_ :)

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that we can assist you with please let us know.

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