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Short version, I ordered a can, I mean, a friend of mine ordered a Banish 30 from Silencer Central for his 300 Win Mag. After 10 months, it came.

First time at the range with it and WOW!!! Significant noise reduction AND recoil reduction! At 100 yards, it changed the zero about 2" horizontally, and maybe 1/2" vertically.

Second time at the range, I took some sound measurements with a phone app decibel meter. For each shot, the gun was on a Varmit bench rest. The phone was placed at the foot of the rest, in the same place, for each shot. I didn't confirm the exact position of the end of the barrel for each shot, and the 22 WM has a shorter barrel, so it was probably a little closer to the phone.

Anyway, here goes the objective part:

300 WM, Suppressed, 5 shots: 107 dB avg
Ammo: 165 gr Federal Fusion, muzzle velocity of 3080 fps

7mm Rem Mag, Unsuppressed, 3 shots: 120 dB avg
Ammo: 162 gr Hornady Superformance, MV of 3030 fps

22 WM, Unsuppressed, 5 shots: 118 dB avg
Ammo: 30 gr Hornady, MV not recorded

For the subjective part, I felt like my groups, I mean his groups were smaller. Didn't shoot the 300 unsuppressed, but IMO, it's not that the can made the gun shoot better, it's because the can reduced shooter flinch.

Regarding recoil, it felt like the 22 WM. WOW! Usually after about 3-4 shots with the 300, I'm done. But with the can, I shot almost a box both times. (I got the 7mm and 300 groups mixed up and adjusted the wrong way, so it took a little extra to get the 300 back on target.)

So short version, the can stays on all the time now. And I'll, I mean he'll probably spend more money on ammo now that it doesn't result in a bloody nose each session!
I have the 30 on two of my .300s. Point of aim did not change on the Cooper and only slightly on the Winchester.
I also purchased the Banish 30 from Silencer Central @ 1 year ago . It was a long wait as it took 13 months for can to arrive. Initially put it on my 300 WM , definitely reduces recoil and noise. I didn't like the extra weight on the nose of my gun so I moved it to my AR, great fit there as I can plunk coyotes etc close to the house without neighbor issues.
Yea, I've definitely noticed the extra weight on the end. Eastern WT hunting mainly from a stand, I probably won't notice it. But I've got two western hunts this year so I'll have to see how I like, or don't like toting it around. If the impact point was the same, it would be an easy decision. Practice with it. Hunt without.
I’ve had the banish 30 perfect for what I needed. I was fairly impressed with silencer central. They made the process a fair bit less painful. Took me about 14 months.
I had a great experience with Silencer Central also. I opted for the more hunting oriented version. Banish Backcountry is only 5.5 inches and 7.8 ounces. I like them enough that I bought 4 of them.
227 days today waiting for my Banish 30. Leaving Monday night for a hunt wishing I had it in hand to take along.
once you go suppressed it’s all over. Got a can that bounces around most all my guns now.
The app is probably quite a bit off, but since it’s just for a comparison it don’t matter to much.

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