classic rock guitar solo


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Pantera "Domination" Hey, It's classic to me! So much great guitar shredding out there on the airwaves. A lot to love. Anything by the Scorpions, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Megadeth, ... i love shredding guitar solos.

Check out Tony Rice for the acoustic equivalent!


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I read after Rhodes early death that his Ozzy recordings like Crazy Train were done in sets of 12+/- recordings (tracks) compiled and put together as "one" in the studio recordings. This is not unusual, but what was unique is Rhodes played the entire song in it's entirety for the studio recording. Not just the solo portion cut and pasted multiple times into a studio recording as was the norm at that time.


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Eddi vanhalen changed rock guitar no doubt but their music was alittle to commerical for me at the time seen em in concert back in the late 70's twice... my fav guitarist was Pat Travers,



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The "Fair Warning" album by Van Halen was in my opinion Eddies best tone and playing.

Frank Zappas "Watermelon in Easter Hay" is banging. Weird dude but he could play.



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Lot’s of great ones. Some of my Favorites? Jeff Beck, Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs, Al DiMeola, Tommy Bolin. I was more of a progressive rocker.


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Wow Tommy Bolin and the Dixie Dregs......that's a blast from the past.

The two best live guitar players I have seen are Zappa and Ronnie Montrose. Lifeson a strong 3rd. Saw Pat Travers front row at Celebrity Theatre ("in the round") in Phx. Zappa also (one of many times).


Not sure if this would be considered a “classic rock guitar solo”, but Prince at the end of this one certainly is worth a listen.