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So, I had the great fortune to spend the past couple weeks chasing bucks with Paul (NMPaul) and his son Zach. These boys know how to get it done, that’s for sure.

See Paul’s hunt from 3rd season here:

where he killed a great buck in a unit none of us had hunted before.

moving to 4th season, Zach and I had tags in our pockets.

after 2 days of rough wind and looking over lots of deer, we finally found this buck bedded late morning:

Zach made a great stalk and the rest is history:








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I was next up, and we glassed over a bunch of deer/bucks over the next couple days. Finally on the last day before we were about to throw on the towel, we glassed up a decent buck a long ways out that warranted a closer look. We relocated a bit and decided to make a stalk. Was able to narrow the gap... although he had weak G2’s, his inline and good fronts ultimately did him in.





Cant say enough about how much I enjoyed the last few weeks hunting with Chad and Zach. Makes an old guy feel good. Going 3 for 3 on beautiful CO bucks is just icing.
Got to share this little story with you. I had got to my hunt a day early and I got a spot stuck in my head so I hiked into it solo the day before Chad and Zach got there. 9 mile loop bushwhacking 80% of it. I saw what I wanted to see and got there late morning but, the area looked beautiful. I had never been in the unit before and had nothing else to try the next day. That night Chad got in late and I broke it to him and Zach that I really wanted to see this spot early in the morning and had high hopes. I then told them we would need to get up at 3:00 or 3:30 to do it.

Being a man of few words his response was "I didn't come here to sleep". :ROFLMAO: I love that line. Chad is as hardcore as they come. Let me just say Chad and Zach never let up I was always one step behind and trying to catch up. And I loved every minute of it.
After all that, my spot ended up being a dud. LOL


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Well Paul that’s what good guys do for each other right?
Awesome deal there!
My only deal is I only have 2 points and not sure I want to stay in the game until I draw another 40 tag....
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