CO Leftover Elk Success


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I picked up a tag off the CO leftover list. Hunted with a friend of mine who knew the unit pretty well. We were trying to figure out how a group of elk were coming off some private at daylight onto the BLM for bedding. I was slipping down a north facing slope looking for well-used trails when I walked right into this guy feeding away from me at 30-35 yards. Made a couple moves to get above him and lost him in the process. Caught movement to my left and caught a top tine feeding through a 14-15" hole in the cedars/pinyons. Slid down the hill a few yards, side stepped to the right and his full shoulder came into view. He didn't stop the 300 gr Thor bullet at 25 yards. Made it about 25 yards then crashed to the bottom of the ravine. Thankful to punch my first MZL bull.



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