CO unit 61, that?s all I get?



CO unit 61, that's all I get?
I'm only messing around with one tag this year, my Unit 61 CO archery mule deer tag?

Yeah, that's all I get to hunt this year because the Army is moving me to Germany in September. This hunt has been a hunt I've wanted to do for over 15 years now. This year I decided to make it happen and I picked a quality hunt over my usual quantity hunts. When I return from Germany in three years I should have the points to do another quality archery hunt?

Scouting is going to be impossible for me so I've come up with a work around that should produce some great results. I have two of my best friends who drew the 1st season rifle elk tag for unit 61 too. They will be running around the mountains looking for their bulls and keeping an eye out for some bucks for me to chase around?

More to follow


22 days until the opener? still suck in WA and I can't wait to get to Colorado in a couple weeks. The reports from my scouts are promising. From what they say I should be able to stick a 170 buck no problem. We haven't run across a true giant yet but there are a couple more weeks to find him and the trail cameras that have been up for over a month will be checked this weekend. Once I get the pictures I will post them.


done... It was a great end to a very short hunt. I found this big 3 point on the second to last day of my hunt, I had to take him down. I ran into him on my way back to camp after sitting on water all morning. I promised myself I wouldn't go home empty handed and didnt. enjoy the pics.

Looking for the big one

Messed up a stalk on this buck...

My 2011 CO velvet muley

14 inch G2s

The pack out... with help from eberlestock.

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