colorado gmu 4



hey guys just seeing how everyone did in gmu 4 in colorado. iam planning a trip out there this fall to that unit. during the 3rd rifle season. how much public land access is there in that unit?
what is the deer and elk hunting like?
well thanx for your time.


Very little public land down low where the deer wil be, what little there is will be on the west side. There is a ton of hunters in this unit and a lot of them use horses to get where thay are going. It's not unusual to see groups of 20-30 hunters in one camp. This unit is really overhunted for deer and don't pass up a buck. In 9 days hunting I only saw 2 bucks in 05'on public or private land, compared to another unit in 06 where I passed up 30 bucks and saw probably a total of 50-55 including private land bucks. Elk seemed to be a totally different story. Real easy unit to fill a cow tag and maybe a decent chance at a bull. The idea of hiking away from roads to get away from pressure doesn't work here, there were people EVERYWHERE! Good luck, but I would strongly suggest finding another unit.

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