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Looking to start putting in for deer as a non resident for Colorado. Any suggestions on units to apply for on the western half of the state that wont take years to draw? Muzzy or rifle would be great. Thanks!!


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I wish I knew what to tell you to do. I have 15 pats. and I don't even know what to do. 10 years ago I could have Drawn unit 44/3rd season with five points but the creep got ahead of me and now I will never catch up to that hunt. Have you looked at any second seasons or maybe a high country hunt?


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> I wish I knew what
>to tell you to do.
>I have 15 pats. and
>I don't even know what
>to do. 10 years ago
>I could have Drawn
>unit 44/3rd season with five
>points but the creep got
>ahead of me and now
>I will never catch up
>to that hunt. Have you
>looked at any second seasons
>or maybe a high country

No I haven't! I'm really not too familiar with how the draw works in CO but I understand that the later season hunts (3rd-4th) seasons seem really popular do to the time of year. I'd be willing to try anything honestly. I realize the true ?trophy? units probably take years to draw Iike you're experiencing right now. I was just hoping there were easier to draw units even if it meant hunting with more people and less opportunity at bigger bucks.


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You can call a hunt coordinator with the CO game dept to help explain the process and give you some starting points.

They are there to help.


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>Looking to start putting in for
>deer as a non resident
>for Colorado. Any suggestions on
>units to apply for on
>the western half of the
>state that wont take years
>to draw? Muzzy or rifle
>would be great. Thanks!!

Do you want to hunt every couple years or hunt every 5-10? I have a few ideas, send me a PM.

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