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Can you imagine what Colorado is going to look like when wolf packs get established in Colorado?


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They've already got the Liberal Democrat Kali Implants!

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>Can you imagine what Colorado is
>going to look like when
>wolf packs get established in

It is also the biggest reason that we needed to support the Wyoming Wolf Plan. Now If Utah could get something established to shoot em all we will have a protection barrier to speak.

On the flip side they are already here, I have seen wolves in Co on 3 different occasions. I saw and reproted the one hit on I-70 by Idaho springs, I also saw a pair near Walden, and a Solo one just south of rabbit Ears.

Our best hope it that the WY predatory zone creates an impassible barrier. We also need to hope that Utah can get a system that would prevent a population from growing along our North West Border.

Once we get them we will never get rid of them and hunting as we know it in CO will be gone. Can you imagine the hay day they would have with the white river herd? I would look a lot like the Yellow Stone herds...


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We heard more than one howling in the Mt Zirkel Wilderness a couple of summers ago. They are here, just not many yet.


Why not just shoot'em when you see'm. There is enough of us out there packin we should be able to do a little control work ourselves.


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It has not worked well... It may be being done but regardless of the numbers that are being put out, virtually no wolves are being harvested in the back country of any western states, and elk numbers/ cow calf ratios show it.

One organization is making a difference on the ground in a small region of North Idaho, F4WM.COM . These guys take a $35 membership from elk hunters and pay it out to professional trappers when they harvest a wolf. They only reimburse expenses up to $500. Hunters are also eligible for reimbursement, however they seldom have the same kind of expenses or success.

Last season the wolf harvest in in Region one of Idaho where this operation took place(in cooperation with IDFG)wolf trapping harvest increased 18% , for the same time period the rest of the state had a decrease in harvest of 20% with only Region one showing an increase.

This organization started last year in April & has had 22 qualifying $500 wolf harvests with six of those being donated back. One trapper has collected $3000.

When it comes to wolves trappers are far more successful at harvesting, the only problem is getting them to do it. Bobcats are running $500 & better, and with the price of gas combined with the 72 hour trap check requirement most of them would not trap wolves until this program started.

This has now expanded to other regions. You can check a box on the membership/donation form that designates which region your money is spent in.

In twelve months approx. 250 members have joined basically through word of mouth.

Check out F4WM.COM for the details!!


mtmuley, I'm just saying in the areas where they haven't established themselves we need to take control before they get out of control.


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>blindsquirrel1, my post was sarcastic. I
>know that the SSS idea
>hasn't and won't work.

Sorry I didn't catch the sarcasm.

We are neck deep in wolves up here, and we now have something that is starting to make a difference. This post looked like a good place to mention the progress.


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Ottercreek, do what you need to do. All I'm saying is it probably won't help. No way in Hell to shoot them away. mtmuley


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Mtmuley is right you cant shoot them away. Idaho Panhandle sold 10,000 elk tags, a large portion of those hunters held wolf tags, and they harvested 19 wolves in a 7 month season. That is in a region that has wolves everywhere.

Give trappers an incentive and they make a difference.


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Blind squirrel, If there was a single best way to control any species, my vote would be for trapping. It has been extremely effective before. A very,very long time ago I did allot of trapping,and even did some for the DWR. A few good trappers would, and could, create the "barrier" talked about to prevent Wolves from entering or leaving an area. The incentive part is where the problem lies. What would the incentive be and who would provide it? Also imagine what the bunny huggers could do with a few photo's of their precious Wolves in snare's, or even a chewed on leg in a leg hold trap. If you know much about trapping, and there was an incentive was made and every "sportsman" out there started trapping I would imagine the anti's could gather enough ammo to have wolves protected for the next 100 years or so. But if a few seasioned trappers went out and wanted to try king size coyote trapping, then more power to them.


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LAST EDITED ON Jun-12-13 AT 10:12PM (MST)[p]FYI F&T has 5/32 (7X7)cable now for under $9 -100' and 4x4 coil kits for about a buck a pop...... just sayin


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>Blind squirrel, If there was a
>single best way to control
>any species, my vote would
>be for trapping. It has
>been extremely effective before. A
>very,very long time ago I
>did allot of trapping,and even
>did some for the DWR.
>A few good trappers would,
>and could, create the "barrier"
>talked about to prevent Wolves
>from entering or leaving an
>area. The incentive part is
>where the problem lies. What
>would the incentive be and
>who would provide it? Also
>imagine what the bunny huggers
>could do with a few
>photo's of their precious Wolves
>in snare's, or even a
>chewed on leg in a
>leg hold trap. If you
>know much about trapping, and
>there was an incentive was
>made and every "sportsman" out
>there started trapping I would
>imagine the anti's could gather
>enough ammo to have wolves
>protected for the next 100
>years or so. But if
>a few seasioned trappers went
>out and wanted to try
>king size coyote trapping, then
>more power to them.

Fly, in Idaho trapping/snaring is legit & incentive is $500 ea pd by Funds come from sportsmen's memberships $35 ea. and our observation is correct, trappers can make a difference.


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