Colville, WA Hunting?


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im not from WA but a friend from work is from Colville and seems to have a lot of connections in the area and I believe his family owns some ground there as well. Would this be worth exploring as a nonresident for whitetail deer or other hunting? Thanks!
My ex-wife has a lot of family in Colville, her aunt and uncle own a bunch of ground in the valley and what they didn't own I used to have access to if I told them about her uncle George. Some big whitetails up there north and west of Colville or at least there used to be when I was still part of the family. Nice area to hunt, lots of turkeys also.
I think WA has a decent amount of OTC hunting, largely because you're going to but up against access issues with private land. I don't know exactly which units are OTC.
I lived there for close to 20 years and Whitetail hunting was very good. Especially during archery hunts as it took in the rut.
I still have friends there and they tell me since the wolves were introduced the hunting is not even close to what it use to be.

I do know people who still hunt the archery season and they do O.K. They also say it's not what it use to be but still have a fun hunt. Lots of over the counter places to hunt on Forest Service property.
The deer numbers have plummeted in the NE corner in last 10 years thanks to our wonderful management of predators in WA. Pretty sad to see what has happened

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