Cool project at my daughters high school…


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So kids in junior history, both regular and AP history have a project assignment that is a tradition called “Night At the Museum” The assignment requires kids to find an artificial or story from their family history. Some kids were able to go back 500 years on family trees, some found out different things about relatives, where they lived, and more…

My daughter looked into my moms side of the family and found connection to the Moorman Ranch in Ely Nevada where my grandmother, her great grandmother grew up. Learned about the idea that kids actually walked to school bare foot, and had a piece of the Chalk board from the old school house that was built in 1890s.


There were all sorts of displays and the kids all talked about their projects and answered questions etc…

Of interest were the story about a blacksmith that made knives in SD, a Chevelle that was but by grandpa, a monster mule deer buck killed in Utah and a bunch more some older firearms, a trunk that was brought by a first immigrant in the 1890s…
Very cool stuff. Best of all the kids loved it and did a great job…
A lot of interesting history comes out of these history projects. Always wanted one of those Winchester shotguns.

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