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I have always gotten a bit of inconstant flight from my broadheads out of my Sub. 1XR. I get amazing groups but had to work between different bolts and different broadheads to get great groups. I read that insufficient FOC can cause issues. I went from a 100 grain to 125 grain broadhead and it has been shocking.

I have always shot Slick Trick 100 standards. This year I switched to the 125 SEVR titanium. My bolts are custom made from South Shore Archery. Jerry really knows his stuff and his bolts and arrows are amazing.

I am shooting match weights and spine bolts and can hold a 2 inch group a 80 yards from a bench.

I recently shot a buck at 40 yards and had a complete pass through. Not that surprising with a crossbow. However the bolt buried into a tree that was 10 yards behind the buck. The entire head was in 3 inches into a oak tree. I was able to cut the head out and it is in perfect shape. No broken blade be bent feral. It was in perfect shape. I replaced the blades and shot my best whitetail with the same head. The buck tried to duck the shot. It ended up being a total spins shot. The head blew through the vertebrae and was a pass though through one side of the lungs. I could have put a grapefruit through the exit hole.

If I could do it over. I would have built my bolts with a 90 grain insert and gone with the 150 grain SEVR ROBUSTO but have been extremely impressed with the 2.0 titanium in 125.

I would like to have tried 125 standard Slick Trick but can’t find them anywhere. I also figure my crossbow has plenty of KE for mechanical heads. I am shooting a 475 grain bolt @ 360FPS.



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I shoot Muzzys. Killed a few WT with them. They group well, but way different from field points. I haven't been able to find practice blades.


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I too get my arrows from South Shore Archery. I use a 92- grain brass insert and use a 150- grain slick trick Crossbow broadhead. I like a lot of weight up front. Tried an expandable but didn't like the penetration thru bone. The deer in Iowa can get pretty big and a lot of weight up front on the arrow has really helped.

Many people have good luck with expandable broadheads but I didn't.

My friends who live in southern Miss. shoot lightweight Rage which work good on those smaller deer, have lost several shoulder hit deer here in Iowa thru lack penetration.

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