CVA Accura LR-X with Anarchy Break Question


I am setting up a CVA Accura LR-X muzzleloader for my son who drew a NM antelope tag. I have installed a Anarchy muzzle break and I am looking for recommendations on bullets. I plan on shooting 50 to 60 grains by weight of BH 209. I would like to shoot bullets under or around 200 grains. I have heard that you can't shoot sabots through a muzzle break so I was curious if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks in advance


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I have the Paramount (Colorado Version 50 cal) with an Anarchy break and it has no problem shooting 325 or 330 (almost the same) bullets. As far as sabots-not sure. You guys in NM allowed to use sabots? I have never hunted there but have donated for tags for as long as I can remember. Looking like ML scopes there in NM might very well be a thing of the past as well. If so, then welcome to Nevada and Colorado regulations. I have never hunted with a scoped ML and just bought one a few months ago. Was looking forward to using it but might not get the chance the way regs are looking. Sorry for the rant Bogart but looks like you should be just fine.

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