Disabled daughter's 2019 WY mule deer hunt

I thought I had posted the video of my daughter's Wyoming mule deer hunt from 2019 but saw I hadn't. I just posted a video of her TX axis deer hunt we did in July in the General Hunting forum and thought I'd post this one for reference.

The opening credits details most of the story if you pause it to read it. She has become the hunting partner that I never imagined she would become years ago. She has gotten multiple whitetails, this muley, aoudad, and the axis, as well as loving the heck out of fishing!

Those with disabilities typically aren't looking for the biggest animal out there; they're just glad to have the opportunity.


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That’s very special , things most of us take for granted......... !!!! The excitement leading up to and after the shot really show the young lady’s got it ! Keep on providing her the opportunity’s !


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Totally awesome. That is one of the most exciting hunts I have watched. That is what hunting should be about. Great memories there for life.

You are very blessed and both of you are very special.

Thanks you for sharing and making my day brighter!!!


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thats fantastic. thats what hunting is about. TIME together. this made me emotional thinking about my kids.
congratulations on an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


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That is the post of the decade, what a great memory and what it truly is all about!

"Those with disabilities typically aren't looking for the biggest animal out there; they're just glad to have the opportunity."

This quote from you really puts the reason why we are out there in perspective! Thank you for sharing!


I love watching your videos. It makes me leap for joy every time I see videos of handicapped/disabled people hunt. Thank God for the technology to allow these people to experience hunting.


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Wow, I felt her excitement!!! Very emotional to see someone of her capabilities get to experience the thrill of hunting. Thanks for sharing that video. Awesome!

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